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Our trip to Croatia and its coastline cities

I wanted to visit a different place on the last vacation therefore I asked my friends to give some suggestions. They have given me a list of places to visit and then I check the information about each of those places. Generally before I visit a location, I use to explore a lot about the location and I will check whether the place has many interesting spots to be visited. I’ll choose the place only if I get satisfied. Similarly, I explored lot of things about the places my friends have suggested and finally I chose Croatia which is an Eastern European country.

Our trip to Croatia and its coastline cities

Actually Croatia is known for the long coastlines and I have seen many exceptional spots of Croatia through online. Therefore I planned to visit Croatia and I have asked my friends to come with me. Since they were also in vacation they agreed to come with me. We check the available hotels in Croatia and find out the best to book rooms. Then we contact a tourist agency in our location Edinburgh and book tickets to Croatia. We were very much excited to visit a new place and spend our vacation there.