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It is one among the coastline cities in Croatia and we started our first day in this location. First we found a restaurant and had breakfast. After that we moved to the sea shore and were looking at the scenery there. We have seen number of yacht there and one of my friends suggested yacht charter. So we chose a yacht there and get into the sea. It was very excited to travel into the sea in a yacht. Actually it was the first time for one of my friends to travel in the yacht so he was very excited about that. As we move into the sea, he was not feeling good and he vomited in the yacht.


We got scared when he was vomited because it was the first day after leaving Edinburgh and he was the person who wants to enjoy this experience this. But he vomited and fell down suddenly. Then we understood that he got sea sickness. The person who was driving the yacht watching all these things and he came to use and spoke something in Croatia (Croatian). We could not understand anything so we asked him to turn the yacht to the seashore by showing some signs. It becomes an unforgettable day.