Polish Edinburgh Group is a volunteer community group. 

Its history reaches back to the beginning of 2007 when www.edinburgh.com.pl – Polish community in Scotland website was established. Since then a group of people associated with www.edinburgh.com.pl has worked hard to promote Polish culture in Scotland and to discover and celebrate links between Polish and Scottish nations. All that to bring our two nations closer together, to allow for easy communication, exchange of experience and cultural potential based on mutual respect and awareness.

Since 2007 we have been involved in huge number of cultural events such as exhibitions, gigs, lectures, concerts, competitions as organisers, artists, promoters, media support, curators or consultants. We cooperate and support all active Polish and Polish-Scottish groups and organisations with similar aims and objectives.

Our every day activity is running edinburgh.com.pl (in Polish and English) and our pages on facebook (in English). 



Main objectives of Polish Edinburgh Group are: 

- to promote polish culture and awareness about Poland, polish heritage and Polish-Scottish historical connections in Scotland by providing relevant information to wide Polish and Scottish audience, by supporting, organising or operating appropriate media, educational, promotional or advertising projects and cultural activities.

- to support and promote any other schemes and projects advertising and promoting Polish Heritage and Culture,  Polish-Scottish integration, cultural exchange, and Polish-Scottish historical connections like: internet sites, publicity, cultural organisations, promotional or advertising projects and cultural activities. 

(extract from the constitution)

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Polish Edinburgh Group has produced a poster introducing historical events shared by Poland and Scotland. We are aware that the stories described constitute only small part of the intertwined history of both countries. It is however a good starting point for all those who would like to explore this exciting topic.

Feel free to download the poster and share it with your friends.
Follow this link to download ‘view only’ version.
Follow this link to download ‘printable’ version or . This poster can be printed on size between 84.1cm height (A1) to 154cm height (4 sheet format)

Please be patient. The file's size is 10.01MB. Downloading might take few minutes.

Copyright note: you are free to copy and print the ‘printable’ version on a format no smaller than A1 and no bigger than 4 sheet. No changes to the design, format or text is allowed under any circumstances.



















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